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salt lamp salt lamp

Salt lamp

table lamp table lamp

Table lamp

€37.90 €53.90
mushroom table lamp mushroom table lamp

Mushroom table lamp

€33.90 €47.90
string lights 5 m string lights 5 m

String lights 5 m

€17.90 €22.90
led lantern led lantern

LED lantern

€20.90 €29.90
oval lamp oval lamp

Oval lamp

€33.90 €47.90
ovni lamp ovni lamp

Ovni lamp

mini balloon string light mini balloon string light

Mini balloon string light

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Namasté, baby


Lighting is one of the most important when it comes to home decor. They help create environments and transmit sensations, and that is precisely what we intend at Natura: to generate a journey of the senses through all our articles and products. From LED decorative lights to light decoration or screens, here you will find everything you need to give your home that air it needs.