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Unisex sweater

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Lounge pants


Namasté, baby


Pyjamas are comfortable everyday garments, but they shouldn't be less important because of that. Especially at Natura, where we take our Homewear collection, or clothes to be around the house, very seriously.

From women's pyjama sets for an original total look to t-shirts and pants that you can wear separately, it's your choice. We have printed or plain pyjamas, but always comfortable ones. Do not forget that our clothes are designed to be versatile, you can wear the tops of our pyjamas as tops of your casual look.

And why not? Pyjamas can be a great gift, in our pyjamas collection you will always find a matching set of pyjamas or eco pyjamas, perfect for those who care about the planet.



There's something even better than jumping into a comfortable pyjama set after a long day at work. Yes! Jumping into your sustainable pyjamas knowing you’re doing good for people, the planet, and animals. Discover our eco pyjamas and you will fall in love with them.



In this section, you will find long and warm pyjamas so that you don't suffer a bit of cold in winter. Let yourself be enveloped by the comfort and softness of shearling or cotton fabrics and add a touch of joy to cold days with our original prints. Discover our selection of pyjamas with long sleeves, short sleeves, shirt pyjamas and fleece pyjamas.