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Natura Commitment

Hello! We’re Natura.

We like to define ourselves as a group of friends who, in 1992, decided to join forces on a shared goal: doing things differently.

And what does that mean?

It seems that the world of business is synonymous with hard, dull work, suits and ties, purchasing and acquisition, producing, consuming, and always more, more, more ... And this really bores us. That group of friends dreamt of a company capable of inspiring the world through respect for every person, plant and animal that inhabits it.

That dream was Natura.

A name which, in Spanish, means:

“the set of elements and forces that make up the universe”.

A company in which we laugh and cry, in which going to the office in sandals is an act of freedom and not a violation of protocol and in which we work hard to never forget what motivates us: finding a balance between profits and principles. And we won’t lie to you; it’s not easy.

Welcome to Natura.

The best way to explain our business is like a smell: indescribable.

Stepping into a Natura store means finding accessories, books, ornaments and original items that you never even knew existed.


We are motivated by five principles:

  • Through the Natura Award, we help to fund social and environmental projects. This is our show of admiration towards all those people and projects that work every day to create a positive impact somewhere in the world.

  • “Know to grow” is almost a mantra for us. We travel around the world with eyes wide open to discover traditions, rituals and influences from across the world.

  • Sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste: five senses that we keep wide awake. We enjoy the light of a candle, the aromas of the world or the feel of fine materials.

  • We have made mistakes, we still make mistakes and we will continue to make mistakes. We are perfectly imperfect! All this is part of the process of improvement.

  • Everything we do, we do to bring a smile to the world (and to ourselves).

  • Our history: where we’ve come from and where we’re going

    Barcelona, 1979: the beginning of our history.

    Sergio, the son and grandson of shoemakers, gave up his medical studies career and, together with several friends, opened Zabriskie, a home design workshop where they recycled drink cans and turned them into witty objects.

    An adventure that started off with an initial investment of 15,000 pesetas.

    Zabriskie, the precursor to Natura.

    Based on pop-art techniques and recycled materials (used cans and coasters they collected themselves) and inspired by the hippy movement, these friends produced lamps, frames and other items. After his partners left, his wife Montse joined the company and together they began to dream of opening their first shop.

    The world as a place of inspiration.

    Montse and Sergio began to travel to satisfy their constant desire to know and to learn.  From these journeys, they brought back thousands of anecdotes and life lessons, together with unique and exotic products.

    In 1992, the first Natura store was opened.

    Barcelona, 1992, Olympics and... the first Natura store in Consell de Cent street! Natura was born as a space packed with exotic gifts from other continents, uncovered during their travels around the world.

    The bear as the symbol of Natura.

    Natura stores became popular during the 90s, opening new branches that all featured a bear at their entrance. Though this bear was never given a name, he became very famous among the generation of children growing up in this decade.

    1994: the expansion begins.

    Natura launched its expansion across Spain through various franchises and the opening of its first international store in Oporto (Portugal).

    The Natura universe: much more than products.

    “When we opened our first store, what we wanted to do was sell and create feelings. We say the same thing to any young people hoping to become entrepreneurs: first, you need a dream and you need to let go of any fears – whether you’re opening a bar or going door to door selling firewood – if you believe in yourself and you do it well, the money will follow, almost as a reward.” Sergio

    Natura today: in figures.

    Today, we have more than 200 stores open in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Andorra. Natura is made up of a family of more than 1,000 employees.


    Our most emblematic bags.

    Our bags have a special feature: they change every 4 months!

    With them we want to provoke, denounce, make you think or smile. There are some more sober and elegant, others more crazy and colorful. They usually reflect how we feel.

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